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2015 …and looking to 2016

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Our 2015 existing customer sales grew by 35 percent over 2014.

Jens and Marie has seen itself over the start-up phase as a local Southeastern New England business. Our customers have been largely from universities, colleges, and healthcare foodservice – also restaurants wanting to offer a vegan meal choice.

The Southwest Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burger has been a huge success, as well as our newer Roasted Beet and Kale Burger. We also make a Southwest Black Bean and Sweet Potato Bulk Mix…and are making a big effort to expand its food service use over 2016.

Chef Jens has also been working on a new burger blending portabella mushroom, spinach, lentil, red pepper, raisins with spices…more news by the Spring of this year!

Through word-of-mouth we acquired two mid-Atlantic customers a bit over a year ago. We’re now working on a marketing and distribution plan to expand sales to the mid-Atlantic…also expanding our reach to northern New England.

This month we also launched the Southwest Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burger and the Roasted Beet and Kale Burger in a ‘four pack’ for retail.

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