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Alternatives to the boring school lunch….

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…wanted to suggest some alternative school lunch options. It might seem very different from the usual sandwich, chips, and sweet treat combo you are used to, but making a few swaps at a time- real foods instead of convenience foods- can get your kiddo on board and in a better place to learn and enjoy the rest of her afternoon. Prepping on weekends, doubling dinners, and making use of leftovers make this approach more doable for the busy family!

Follow the template below for yummy and nourishing school lunch ideas that leave your kiddos satisfied and without the 2pm sugar-crash-induced slump! Bento-style boxes work great for real food lunches.


Protein- Choose 1 or 2

• Leftover or prepped on the weekend chicken, turkey, ground beef, meatballs
• Applegate grass fed hot dogs or pepperoni
• Nitrate-free bacon
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Hummus for dipping veggies
• Canned salmon or tuna


Vegan Protein Option

• Jens and Marie Southwest Black Bean and Sweet Potato 4 oz Burger


Healthy Fat- Choose 1 or 2

• Avocado chunks
• Olives
• Nuts if allowed
• Nut or seed butters for dipping fruit/veggies


Carbs/Fiber- Choose 2 or more

• Raw veggies like carrots, cucumber, peppers, celery
• Leftover roasted/cooked veggies
• Veggie chips or fries
• Avocado Oil Potato Chips (also a healthy fat)
• Inka Plantain Chips (also a healthy fat)
• Raisins
• Fruit- apple slices, oranges, berries, grapes
• Brown rice cakes
• Sea Snax
• Homemade larabar or nut butter energy bites if nuts allowed
• GF oats in a thermos
• Leftover soup in a thermos

Thanks to Katharine Murphy and her sweetenoughbaby.com

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