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What is the best way to cook the burgers?

Our burgers are best when cooked from frozen, with only about 3% fat as an ingredient; the burger will hold together better and prevent from falling apart.

Once thawed, what is the shelf life of the bulk or the burgers?

When stored properly in your refrigerator it will keep up to 5 days at a temperature between 36-38 degrees.

Can your products be re-heated?

Yes.  But keep in mind it always tastes better the first time.

Once thawed, can I re-freeze the product?

We suggest not. The moisture will disappear after the first defrost and it will change the texture and flavor profile.

Can I cook the product in a microwave?

Yes. However, it will not brown or add a crust to the outside of the burger.  Always cook to 165 degrees internal temperature.

Are your products Kosher?

No, our product line is not kosher.

Do you have any recipes or serving suggestions for your products?

Yes. We have several, just check out the website for serving ideas and recipes.

Can I serve your burgers chilled as well?

Yes. They are delicious as a salad topping or in a sandwich. However, you should always bring the burger up to 165 degrees and let cool before serving it cold.

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