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Permaculture, One Green Planet, and Tips on Making Veggie Burgers (…if you must!)

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squash permaculture

Permaculture is an alternative agricultural method that strives to grow and raise ‘in sync’ with nature.


While food production and nature conservation are certainly important parts of the theory, there are other facets to it. In fact, for those interested in becoming practitioners, even if on a small-scale, it doesn’t require owning a garden, diving into a rural lifestyle or even giving up the supermarket. All permaculturalists, no matter where they live, are meant to care for the earth and for other people. It’s part of the gig.


Here is an interesting article in One Green Planet about ways to practice permaculture concepts daily.


4 Ways to Practice Permaculture Daily Wherever You Live


One Green Planet also did an interesting article on making flavorful veggie burgers. It points out certain of the basic principles that Chef Jens uses with our veggie burgers.


How to make Flavorful Veggie Burgers


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