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Aloha Slider with Pineapple Compote

A tangy and sweet Island-inspired burger. Use our Southwest Black Bean and Sweet Potato sliders for some party bites that are sure to please!


BBQ Black Bean Burger with Sriracha Mayo

These southern BBQ burgers get their robust flavor from combining our Southwest Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burger with a classic, sweet BBQ sauce, and an exciting Sriracha/Lime/Cilantro Mayo. Get ready to go on a flavor ride!


Summer Tacos

Looking for a muy bueno dinner idea? With fresh corn and tomato salsa and cilantro cream, these summer tacos are filled with tasty flavors that will satisfy. Even better - they require minimum cooking.


Southwest Quiche

Eggs with crumbled Southwest Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burger, chopped tomato & Monterrey Jack to create a new favorite.

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