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Waypoint Foodservice

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Jens and Marie is pleased to announce that we are now utilizing Waypoint Foodservice to market our products in New England, New York City, and New York State. Their offices for the region are in Norwood, Massachusetts, Yonkers, New York, and Rochester, New York.

Waypoint’s vision is to make it easy for their partners to serve the national market through a simple, unified platform. In 2007, Waypoint saw an opportunity to change forever the way companies approached the marketplace. They led by identifying the best regional brokerages in every marketplace, exchanging information, standardizing processes and optimizing technology. Each regional broker had a proven track record of high performance and key relationships throughout multiple channels.

In 2012, Waypoint launched as the first-ever national sales and marketing agency. They use one system and one market approach, allowing them to deliver efficiencies and increase the speed to market.

We look forward to the Waypoint partnership and expanding our market in New England and New York.

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