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“We Went There” and made the Skip the Bread Burger

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Behold! Our latest print ad, created for Gourmet Guru, one of the premier all natural and organic food distributors in the American northeast.

This print piece uses a few words but tells a story about what we strive for at Jens & Marie. We’re not just foodies and not just businesses owners – we’re chefs and our names are on every veggie burger we make. We’re constantly in the kitchen working on research and development to improve our products and create new products based on what makes you, our customers, hungry for more!

We’re proud that our products are certified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association, made without gluten (some products are also made without soy), and above all – delicious and wholesome. We love feedback from our customers and hearing about the ways you prepare our products. Thanks for being part of what makes our veggie burgers so popular.

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